For the annual winter clothing drive, a new way of collecting donations.
Bring clothes to the shop instead of taking them from the shop.

Client: BR Malls - Shopping VillaLobos
Copywriters: Marcelo Rosa, Raphael Franzini, Weber Luiz de Andrade
Art Directors: Gustavo Gonçalves, Eduardo Tallia, Alexandre Amaral
Creative Directors: Cássio Moron, Fábio Saboya, Sérgio Mugnaini
CCO: Guga Ketzer

Tomorrow Awards 2013: Winner
Cannes Lions 2014: Bronze Cyber Lion (for the open source platform)
Cannes Lions 2013: 3 Lions (Gold in Design, Bronze in Media, Bronze in Promo)
D&AD 2014: 2 Wood Pencils
One Show 2014: Bronze Pencil (Branded Content) + 3 Merits
Wave 2014: Grand Prix (Green Wave), Gold & Silver (Promo), Bronze (Direct), Gold (PR)
FIAP 2014: Silver (Promo), Silver (Design), Silver (Effectiveness)
LIA 2013: Bronze
El Ojo 2013: 1 Grand Prix (PR), 3 Gold (Direct, Design, Outdoor), Silver (Promo), Bronze (Innovation) + Bronze (Interactive for
CCSP 2014: 4 Anuário (estrela preta + direto + outdoor)
Jay Chiat: Bronze
Effie Awards