Guga Kuerten / Data visualization with racquet strings

nfscan / Scan receipt to donate

Refunite / #IMmigrant campaign

MTV Green Picks / Upcycling expired cards into guitar picks

DJAY.CC / Performance converted into sheet music

Roc Nation / Making money talk. For real.

Red Bull / Traffic Jam - global TV spot

Red Bull / A floor of an office building turned into a Red Bull machine

Red Bull Smart Payphones / Hacking the city for the better

Words To Watch / data + context = learning

EasyWay Lyrics / Lyrics translated while you listen to them

EasyWay Test / A Google Chrome experiment to test your English pronunciation skills

Word Map / A linguistic experiment

Paulo Coelho / Rewriting a book, in real-time, with tweets

Croacia / A sound-only website

Unlucky Search Engine