Red Bull / Traffic Jam - global TV spot

Red Bull / A floor of an office building turned into a Red Bull machine

Roc Nation / Making money talk. For real.

EasyWay Lyrics / Lyrics translated while you listen to them

EasyWay Test / A Google Chrome experiment to test your English pronunciation skills

nfscan / Scan receipt to donate. Open-source software.

Paulo Coelho / AlephTweets - Rewriting a book, live, with tweets

Croacia / For a Sound Studio, a sound-only website.

Peugeot / Test-drive the RCZ inside Google Street View

FOX Channels / The Walking Dead shooting posters

MTV / One YouTube video leads to another and the music never stops

FOX Film / The Blanket Drive (featuring Linus)

DJAY.CC / From Data to Sheet Music

Word Map / A Linguistic Experiment

W4W / How the #nofilter hashtag helped people with no water filters

TwitTV / A TV controlled in real-time by the Twitter's trending topics

Unlucky Search Engine

W4W / An Animation Made Only With YouTube Annotations

Play My MTV / A TV+Guitar Experiment

Fox Film / Star Tweets

20th Webbys Poster